Uterine Bleeding

 Uterine Bleeding- Core Content

 Uterine Bleeding- Core Content Audio Only



Customer Service

 Customer Service- Core Content

 Customer Service- Core Content Audio Only

Customer Service- Deep Dive w Tom Scaletta


Running Codes

 Running Codes- Core Content

 Running Codes- Core Content Audio Only 

Running Codes- Deep Dive w Anand Swaminathan and Salim Rezaie



Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

 Subarachnoid Hemorrhage- Core Content

 Subarachnoid Hemorrhage- Core Content Audio Only

Subarachnoid Hemorrhage- Deep Dive w Evie Marcolini




Electrolyte EKG

 Electrolyte EKG- Core Content

 Electrolyte EKG- Core Content Audio Only

 Electrolyte EKG- Deep Dive w Susan Torrey 



Posterior Circulation CVA

   Posterior Circulation CVA- Core Content

   Posterior Circulation CVA- Core Content Audio Only

 Posterior Circulation CVA- Deep Dive w Evie Marcolini




Superficial Thrombophlebitis

 Superficial Thrombophlebitis- Core Content

  Superficial Thrombophlebitis- Core Content Audio Only

 Superficial Thrombophlebitis- Deep Dive w Manish Garg




Airway Adjuncts

 Airway Adjuncts- Core Content

 Airway Adjuncts- Core Content Audio Only

 Airway Adjuncts- Deep Dive w Darren Braude 





Anti-hypertensives in Overdose

 Antihypertensives in Overdose- Core Content

 Antihypertensives in Overdose- Deep Dive w Bryan Hayes



Shoulder Reduction: Cunningham Technique

 Shoulder Reduction: Cunningham Technique- Core Content

 Shoulder Reduction: Cunningham Technique- Core Content Audio Only

 Shoulder Reduction: Cunningham Technique- Deep Dive w Swaminathan 


Blunt Trauma Arrest

 Blunt Trauma Arrest– Core Content

 Blunt Trauma Arrest- Core Content Audio Only

 Blunt Trauma Arrest- Deep Dive w Scott Weingart 




A Career in Review with Joe Lex

 A Career in Review with Joe Lex- Part 1

 A Career in Review with Joe Lex- Part 2



Rh Alloimmunization

 Rh Alloimmunization- Core Content

 Rh Alloimmunization- Core Content Audio Only

 Rh Alloimmunization- Deep Dive w Joelle Borehart 


Alcohol Withdrawal

 Alcohol Withdrawal- Core Content

 Alcohol Withdrawal- Core Content Audio Only

 Alcohol Withdrawal- Deep Dive w Bryan Hayes 



Ludwig’s Angina

 Ludwig’s Angina- Core Content

 Ludwig’s Angina- Deep Dive w Mulligan 





Let’s Learn Better

 Let’s Learn Better- Core Content

 Let’s Learn Better- Deep Dive w Roediger 


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