About Us

EMsandbox is a Free Open Access Medical Education (FOAM) site dedicated to delivering high quality MedEd on Emergency Medicine topics.

What’s in a Name?

The name EMsandbox comes from the fact that I want us to “play nice in the sandbox” and learn from/with our other medical specialties. That is why many of our Deep Dives are interviews with experts in the specialty being discussed.  My hope is you develop a sound foundation through our Core Content sections and can integrate some of the nuances and ‘next step’ information from our experts.

Meet the Creator


I am a Connecticut native, attended Tufts for med school and Temple for residency. Academically, I have an interest in using technology to get MedEd out of the dark ages and into a format that caters to the adult learner.  My favorite food is lobster, my biggest fear is being under prepared to care for a patient. And the open ocean. Terrifying.

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Disclaimer: The information posted on EMsandbox is for educstional purposes and is not intended as medical advice or an endorsement of any product, procedure, company or opinion. Before acting upon any posting or information on this site, obtain medical advice from your healthcare provider.