In this podcast Dr. Adam Rowh reviews some antihypertensives- clonidine, beta blockers, Ca channel blockers- and their overdose.



Core Content 








Show Notes & Questions

Review Questions:

      1. What are the 4 steps from brainstem to increased inotropy? (try drawing it out)
      2. Where does clonidine have its effect? Beta Blockers? Calcium Channel Blockers?
      3. What are the none hemodynamic signs/symptoms for clonidine, beta blockers, and Ca channel blockers?
      4. In reversing clonidine, what are your go-to agents? Why?
      5. What two agents will work in Beta Blocker OD? Why wont Epi work?
      6. Why are all of the above ineffective in calcium channel blocker OD?
      7. What are the two extra tricks for calcium channel blockers?


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