At some viewer requests, we have created a page to access a downloadable version of our posts.  We will list them in reverse chronological order, so older episodes will appear on the bottom.

To download, click the link which will take you to the file. In the bottom right corner of the media file you will see the download button: 

Uterine Bleeding- Core Content

Customer Service- Deep Dive w Tom Scaletta

Customer Service- Core Content

Running Codes- Deep Dive w Anand Swaminathan and Salim Rezaie

Running Codes- Core Content

Subarachnoid Hemorrhage- Deep Dive w Evie Marcolini

Subarachnoid Hemorrhage- Core Content

Electrolyte EKG- Deep Dive w Susan Torrey

Electrolyte EKG- Core Content

Posterior Circulation CVA- Deep Dive w Evie Marcolini

Posterior Circulation CVA- Core Content

Superficial Thrombophlebitis- Deep Dive w Manish Garg

Superficial Thrombophlebitis- Core Content

Airway Adjuncts- Deep Dive w Darren Braude

Airway Adjuncts- Core Content

Antihypertensives in Overdose- Deep Dive w Bryan Hayes

Antihypertensives in Overdose- Core Content

Shoulder Reduction: Cunningham Technique- Deep Dive w Anand Swaminathan

Shoulder Reduction: Cunningham Technique- Core Content

Blunt Trauma Arrest- Deep Dive w Scott Weingart

Blunt Trauma Arrest- Core Content

A Career in Review w Joe Lex- Part 2

A Career in Review w Joe Lex- Part 1

RH Alloimmunization- Deep Dive with Joelle Borehart

Rh Alloimmunization- Core Content

Alcohol Withdrawal- Deep Dive with Bryan Hayes

Alcohol Withdrawal- Core Content

Ludwig’s Angina- Deep Dive w Joseph Mulligan

Ludwig’s Angina- Core Content

Let’s Learn Better- Deep Dive w Henry Roediger

Lets Learn Better- Core Content