How We Work

EMsandbox is designed to have something for everyone, and we want you to retain what you learn here. Nearly every podcast will have two basic components – the Core Content & the Deep Dive.


Core Content

smooshedappleIn this section we review key concepts including pathophysiology, pharmacology, and the like. Basic exam findings, work up, and treatments will also be found here. Good for the medical student, resident looking to put a foundation to their clinical learning, or the attending wanting to dust off some of the cobwebs.




Deep Dive

scuba-diver-tattooThis is the nitty gritty. Here we get into the details and cutting edge. Latest papers, expert opinions, and tricks of the trade are discussed. This section is ideal for the advanced practitioner, those well versed in the basics, and those who have fully digested the core content section.




Why we do how we do

Here at EMsandbox we are all about you getting good juice from your squeeze. That means reading and studying efficiently. If you review Podcast 1, you will get a sense of how to be the best student/learner you can be. We incorporate key concepts from proven learning theory to help you learn our content… and learn it for good.

That’s why when you see this symbol:  2000px-Bell_System_hires_1969_logo_blue.svg and hear this sound:


we recommend you pause the podcast to do some summarizing. We have also included shownotes for review as well as simple quiz questions to help your recall and storage of the information into your long term memory. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out Podcast 1.

So the ways to use this site and its content include the following:

  1. Listen to the podcast and summarize when you get the signal
  2. Review the shownotes. They’re written in conversational format to present the information in a different format
  3. Request an email of the Quiz Questions. You will automatically be emailed these one week from your request to help you recall the content.


We’ve put lots of thought and time into making this site work and work for you. Please enjoy!!